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BUILD is a blend of 5000mg of Branched Chain Amino Acids and Glutamine for lean muscle and recovery. BCAAs are the most abundant amino acids found in muscle tissue and are the most readily absorbed group of amino acids. BUILD contains the ideal ratio of 2 parts Leucine to 1 part Isoleucine and Valine.


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BUILD is a BCAA (Branched-chain Amino Acids) compound to help prevent fatigue and improve concentration, reduce protein and muscle breakdown during and after an intense exercise.

BUILD supports your performance post-workout, as BCAAs have been shown to aid in maintaining muscle growth and energy required to reduce muscle breakdown.

BUILD contains L-Glutamine for enhanced exercise performance, L-leucine for stimulated muscle growth, Vitamin B6 for energy and L-Valine for promoted muscle growth and tissue support.

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Fruit Punch, Grape

How to Use

Directions: Mix 1/2 a scoop (6.5g) in 8 – 10 ounces of cold beverage. It will take a few minutes for all the powder to dissolve in the beverage. Best taken pre-workout, post-workout or between meals.



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