About Us

Our Mission...Performance

CoreTek Performance Fitness is about just that, performance. Our mission is to provide fitness training advice and products designed to support your efforts in not just getting fit, but improving your performance. Whether you are looking for training advice or quality supplements, our content is designed to support your efforts.

Our History

When we transitioned from direct client training to our online presence in 2017, we had no idea it would be a remarkable journey. We started out just like most of you – living an active lifestyle and wanting to improve our fitness, health, and performance. When we found too many sources mixed with more hype than science, we began an effort to find the best answers through fitness, health, and nutritional research. In time, that effort led us to develop a desire to share the expertise we developed, promote quality information and advice, and as of 2020, bring to you our line of quality supplements.

Our Team

Our team is made up of certified personal trainers and fitness professionals. Their goal is to provide science and research-backed advice that has demonstrated results. We rely on research and studies to drive our content – not hype, not fads, not bro-science.

Our Goal

Our goal, is your goal. There is a lot of fitness information out there. We want to help you cut through the noise, and get quality information you can use to reach new levels of performance.

– CoreTek Performance Fitness